Crowdsourcing for Small Business

What is Crowdsourcing?

Getting your employees to complete the work you pay them to do can already be a challenge, but how about outsourcing your work by giving people an opportunity to contribute to your task? Welcome to crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing involves asking a large group of people for paid or unpaid materials, services, feedback, or other forms of information. The word “crowdsourcing” comes from the concept of taking your work and outsourcing it to a crowd.

The concept behind crowdsourcing is collaboration through leveraging the various talents, skills, and participation of multiple contributors with different backgrounds and perspectives. Crowdsourcing will generate a wide variety of content and ideas.

Paid examples include platforms such as Upwork, Design Crowd, Fiverr, and Micro Turk, also known as MTurk, A well-known unpaid example of crowdsourcing is Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia that allows the crowd to create and submit information for review. The crowdsourcing format has been successful for Wikipedia, as it enjoys the status of being the most in-depth and successful online encyclopedia.

Use Crowdsourcing As A Cost-Effective Method To Run Business

How do you use crowdsourcing to run your business without breaking the bank? Here are a few ways to use crowdsourcing to get fresh ideas and quickly complete otherwise expensive and time-consuming projects.

Brainstorm New Services or Product Lines

While brainstorming sessions in your conference room may result in profitable ideas, they may not be in line with customer desires and needs.

Instead, use crowdsourcing to find out what customers really want. This can be done in the form of tests, focus groups and surveys using programs like SurveyMonkey.

Online Opportunities To Obtain New Business

You can crowdsource your business and get in front of larger companies and prospects you generally would not be able to access with your current marketing budget. Smaller businesses get an opportunity to demonstrate what they can do for larger companies in terms of campaigns and ideas.

Improve Efficiency

Small businesses may use a crowdsource platform to streamline one-time tasks such as design work, or repetitive tasks such as social media campaigns, writing articles and creating shareable images.

The results will be fast and professional so that the business owner can get back to concentrating on the business. Platforms like Fiverr and 99 Designs provide low cost services with a fast turnaround rate.

Inexpensively Crowdsource Expensive Design Tasks

Most people have paid too much for a logo that they weren’t quite happy with. It can be a tedious process. Just tell the crowd of designers what you want, the price, and the deadline. You get to keep the design you like the most. Design is not limited to logos – you can crowdsource advertisements, video, products, and fashion, too. Crowdsourcing has also extended to the interior design and fashion industry.

Get Faster Results With Microtasking

Platforms like Microworkers help you microtask, or take a giant task and divide up the work within a crowd of people. For instance, if you have 2,000 blog posts that need an image with text overlay, you can ask 2,000 people to provide one image with text overlay. Because of the way the work is divided, you will get faster results than getting one person to do the work. Microtasking is also used for image processing, transcribing files, and database correction.

Open Innovation Through Project Collaboration

You can quickly get a project done by allowing multiple contributors from around the world to work together on your project. Get a wider perspective and knowledge base as your group interacts and works together on a dedicated web platform. This can be set up for internal use for company employees, as well as external use for various freelancers selected for the project collaboration.

Immediate And Precise Feedback

Crowdsourcing can be used to get customer feedback for a new product or service idea. In addition, crowdsourcing can also be used to create a campaign to get new suggestions. Campaigns can be implemented online through social media or polls.

Just create a poll and ask people which option they would choose for your products, services, and promotions. Customers will enjoy giving you their input, and as a business owner, you will be able to give customers what they want. This could be an extension of a current offering, or a modification of a product or service you already provide.

Crowdsourcing for feedback may uncover some flaws in your messaging and branding. For instance, if customers are repeatedly asking the same question, create content that clarifies your offerings on your website or promotional materials.

Also, if you are considering making design changes or content changes to your blog, you can crowdsource to ask for feedback. Although input is essential, the final decision rests on you as a business owner.

Why Do Small Business Turn To Crowdsourcing?

Here are five reasons why so many small and medium-sized businesses are turning to crowdsourcing marketplaces to fulfill their needs.

Fast Turnaround Time For Results

Crowdsourcing allows businesses to get work that would be contracted out done at a faster rate with competitive bids. With faster responses and proposals, you can determine whether your brief has clear instructions.

Lower Cost For High Level Talent

Leveraging a pool of qualified and ready to work freelancers can result in high quality work with a quick turnaround time. You do not have to make a long-term costly commitment to an employee or contractor for a long period of time.

By setting your own budget, you will get bids within the range, and you can select the best proposal based on your requirements.

Creative And Efficient Collaboration

With crowdsourcing, you can tap into a wider database of knowledge and skills than you could if you chose to work with one person.

While some believe that a larger pool of talent will compromise quality, this couldn’t be further from the truth: you will quickly be able to see who puts out quality work, and who takes shortcuts or doesn’t meet your specifications. A healthy level of competition will encourage freelancers to put forth their best work.

The end result? You get to work with high-level talent with no commitment at a price that works in your budget.

By crowdsourcing, you can tap into the best designs the world has to offer with few limits. You can get countless more designs from a large number of creative minds, and ultimately develop or refresh your branding for a portion of the usual cost.

Low Risk For Commitment And Errors

Crowdsourcing lets you use a streamlined process and present a brief that clarifies your requirements. As a result, work is done more efficiently, and there are more alternatives to choose from if it doesn’t work out with one freelancer.

Instead of being bound by individual contracts, you are subject to the rules of the platform when you use crowdsourcing to complete your work.

The terms for revision and costs are clearly laid out so that there is no confusion. Also, with bidding, you do not have to renegotiate the task as you would with contractors. If your brief is not clear, you can make adjustments as you see proposals come in.

You can also request revisions at no additional charge, depending on the platform’s terms and conditions.

Closing Thoughts

Any business can use crowdsourcing to get work done and gain insight about current and future offerings. Whether you need specialized skills outside of your company, or you are looking for a cost-effective method to get tasks done, consider crowdsourcing before making expensive commitments to agencies and consultants. If your recent brainstorming sessions have been futile, consider getting a fresh perspective from your current clients and prospects by creating campaigns geared towards feedback. Get started today to put crowdsourcing to work and watch your business grow!

Author: a professional writer and business attorney that advises businesses in the areas of compliance, tax, and finance.